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It's fair to say that the essence of any event lies in its music and entertainment, making the dance floor the heart of the celebration. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries with our dance floors, delivering not just a polished look, but also top-notch quality. Using premium sheets, we ensure seamless and gleaming dance floors that you might be tempted to take home! Our passion extends to crafting innovative shapes, designs, and prints, with a commitment to tailoring the dance floor size to your venue. This ensures that everyone has ample space to revel and enjoy the festivities.
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Embrace simplicity with our pristine White dance floor, a highly sought-after setup. Each seamlessly connected panel features over 100 LED lights that illuminate the night with a captivating sparkle. This popular choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also sets the stage for an enchanting atmosphere. The dance floor is available in various sizes, starting from a spacious 12ft x 12ft, allowing you to tailor the dimensions to your event's unique needs. Elevate your celebration with the timeless allure of our White dance floor, making every step a part of a memorable dance under the radiant glow of LED lights.


High-gloss floors exude an effortless elegance. Utilising a robust plastic-panelled underlay and meticulously fitted edging, we install our dance floor sheets with such precision that you'll be left marveling at the craftsmanship. Choose from our standard options of either white gloss or black gloss, and feel free to request other colors to suit your preferences!


Indulge in grandeur with our stunning mirrored floors that redefine elegance. The dazzling reflection of light off these floors effortlessly transforms the room into a breathtaking spectacle. With standard colours like Silver and Gold, the choices are as opulent as they are versatile. Elevate your event effortlessly, adding a remarkable factor that is sure to render your guests speechless. These mirrored floors are not just a feature; they are a statement, creating an ambiance of luxury and sophistication that captivates all who step onto them.


We delight in bringing our clients' ideas to life, and a custom-printed floor is an ideal medium for expressing their unique personality. Bring us any design you fancy, and we'll transform it into the dance floor you've envisioned. Just share your inspiration, and we'll take care of the rest, ensuring your event space reflects your dreams and style.

Celebrate & dancethe night awayon our stunningdance floors...

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