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Lighting stands as a crucial factor in every event. It possesses the innate power to craft the desired atmosphere and mood, enhancing the ambiance that best suits your theme and decor. Beyond mere flashy lights and hues, lighting embodies an art form. We take immense pride in our proficiency in tailoring bespoke lighting displays, granting each event the meticulous attention it warrants. Our team of highly skilled certified technicians ensures impeccable outcomes with flawless synchronicity, all while prioritising the highest standards of health and safety protocols.
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Ideal for venues lacking ceiling rigging points, this setup features four truss pillars strategically positioned, typically at the corners of the room. Each truss is adorned with 2-4 fixtures, meticulously dressed and discreetly placed.  This arrangement offers an immersive and dynamic experience, saturating the space with captivating lighting to set the perfect atmosphere and mood.


This configuration includes adjustable truss lines, tailored to fit the dimensions of your event space, strategically placed on either side of the dance floor or where required. Featuring a variety of light fixtures on each side, the truss lines are then raised to the ceiling and firmly secured for the duration of your event. This setup offers an excellent method to establish the desired atmosphere throughout the room, ensuring all guests feel fully immersed in the moment.


Transforming a venue with a wash of vibrant colour can truly work wonders, completely altering the ambiance of the room! No event is truly complete without Up-Lighting, and we offer two distinct types to suit your needs. Our Wireless Up-Lighting is an ideal choice for enveloping the walls of your venue in a hue that complements your event's theme or colour scheme. With interchangeable colours and the flexibility to alternate as desired, you can create a dynamic atmosphere that pulsates and changes with the rhythm of the music.


Looking for the ultimate experience? Your search ends here! By integrating all aspects of lighting production, you can ensure that your guests will be truly amazed. This comprehensive approach is perfect for those aiming to craft an unforgettable event, setting the stage for an atmosphere that enhances every chosen detail to its fullest potential.

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